Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wind Creek State Park (Alabama) - Third Visit

What's that smell? I doubt there is a married man who hasn't heard his wife ask that question.

Normally, men view that as a hypothetical question because everyone knows the answer. But, the question was valid this time because I didn't know what or who was responsible for the smell inside Rosie, our Airstream trailer.

It didn't take long to figure out that the smell was coming from the bathroom. After talking to some seasoned campers, we found out that we violated one of the primary rules of travel trailers--never store the trailer with the black holding tank dry.

Who knew? I thought we were doing great by getting to the park dump station and draining both the gray and black tanks. It is clear now that we always want to keep a few gallons of clean water in both tanks at all times.

Wind Creek is a park that we enjoy returning to for a short weekend trip. We pulled Rosie over one weekend then I ended up going home on Sunday evening so that I could be at work during the next week. Becky and Annie (our Yorkie) stayed  and enjoyed the park while I was working.

After work on Friday, I drove back to Wind Creek State Park and rejoined Becky. We decided that we had to take some action to rid Rosie of "the smell."

Most of the camping sites next to the lake do not have sewage connections. There are some connections in the loops across from the lake sites with full connections. We decided that we needed to move Rosie to a site with full connections.

The park wasn't full and the rangers didn't mind us moving as long as we didn't ask for a refund. So, we quickly packed-up Rosie and moved sites.

That was the start of an evening where we kept filling the black tank then emptying it--again and again and again. Somehow, that strategy worked!

It seems that there is a lesson learned on every outing with Rosie. We learned on this trip how to take care of the black and gray tanks between camping trips. I guess I will have to look for a better excuse the next time Becky asks, What's that smell?" in Rosie.