Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gunter Hill - Winter Camping

Our fourth visit to Gunter Hill COE Campground could only be described as different from the others. True, all visits are different, but this one was very different. This was our first time camping in the dead of winter. We need to put the emphasis on the word "dead."
We have been in parks when the leaves were off the trees before. We have camped in cold weather before. We have camped when the park wasn't full before. This was our first visit to Gunter Hills when things were dead.
While the park wasn't full, there were campers there and you could see several campfires at night. There were a few brave souls out walking during the days and we saw a couple riding there bicycles around the park.
So, why was the park dead?
There were no children in the park this time. While some people would welcome the peace and quiet hanging in the air, we missed the sounds of young voices as they played in the park. We also missed the sounds of excitement as families enjoyed the park. We missed the subtle signs that said the park was alive with families enjoying the camping experience.
As the temperatures warm up during the next couple of months, the leaves will return to the trees, the grass will turn green again and the campground will fill with families. As families de-winterize their RVs, the sounds of children playing will return to the park. While some may see this commotion as noise, we see it as part of the pleasant sounds found at many campgrounds.

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