Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Abbeville RV Park - Abbeville, Louisiana

There was a night and day difference between the Abbeville RV Park and the previous park that Rosie, our 25 foot Airstream trailer, camped in. It was a pleasant and welcome change.
The Abbeville RV Park is owned by the city and you drive about one mile through the woods after turning off the highway to get to the campground. The ride through the woods was calming and gave the park the look and feel of a state park.
Rosie at Abbeville RV Park

One of the first features we noticed about this park was the shade. Most sites were large and there were many trees throughout this park.
Another feature was that the park was quiet. Being a mile off the main road, we didn't hear the sounds of the city nor did we hear traffic noises. The peace and quiet was very much appreciated.
Lots of Airstream RVs at Abbeville RV Park

A family of owls added some excitement to our stay in this park. It was easy to spot the parents watching over their baby owls in the nest.
Owls at Abbeville RV Park (Photo by Tim Bush, used by permission.)
There were a few things missing at this park. The lack of showers and restrooms will keep some campers out of this park. That is probably why the park does not accept tent campers.
Here are some specifics about the Abbeville RV Park:
  • The park offered 20, 30 and 50 amp electrical service.
  • Each site also had water and sewer service.
  • The park does not have showers nor does it have restrooms. You have to use the facilities in your RV or be willing to find a restaurant that is open at your moment of need.
  • What I thought was a TV cable connection turned out to be a telepone box. That was OK because there were several TV signals available over the air.
  • We were able to watch ABC, CBS, Fox and PBS from Rosie's antenna. We also saw digital signals from Antenna, CW, ME-TV and THiS.
  • WiFi was available in the park. The service tended to be slow when people were active and checking things online.
  • AT&T provided solid phone and moderate 4G service over the park.
  • Lots of shopping can be found outside the park.
People around Abbeville like to say that their community is the most cajun in Lousiana. While it would be hard to prove that claim, it is just as hard to dispute it. There are many places with deep Cajun heritages in and around Abbeville worth visiting.

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  1. Agreed :)
    We live just a few minutes away from Abbevile in New Iberia. Each community is unique, with it's own claim to fame. Common threads that connect all Cajuns are hospitality and our cuisine.