Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bay Wilderness RV Resort - Carencro, Louisiana

Having grown up in Florida, I know that the word "resort" carries a lot of baggage. Resorts have amazing amenities and accommodations. Evidently, the word "resort" means something else to the RV community.

Bay Wilderness RV Resort

We arrived in Rosie, our 25 foot Airstream trailer, at the Bay Wilderness RV Resort near Lafayette, Louisiana. Someone from the park led us to our campsite, which was a pull-thru. In fact, all of the sites in this park were pull-thrus and that made it easy to park.

Pull-thru parking at Bay Wilderness RV Resort

During Rosie's set-up, our fresh water hose decided to start leaking. One of the park's workers noticed my problem as he was driving by in a golf cart. After a quick look at my hose, he said that the washer was bad and he would return with a replacement washer in a few minutes. I guess things got busy because I did not see that worker again and ended up getting a washer from one of my fellow campers and that cured my problem.

My neighbor had better luck with the campground staff. His site had only 50 amp electrical service and his motorhome was wired for 30 amps. Another campground worker stopped by to help and said that the campground had some 50 to 30 amp adapter plugs and he would get one for our neighbor. The worker returned with the adapter in a few minutes and our neighbor was up and running on the park's electrical power.

Rosie in the campground

Lots of Airstream campers in this campground

There are a couple of "art" objects in the park. There is an old tractor that is on display and some large vases near the park's entrance that were probably part of a fountain at one time. But the best feature was at the cypress pond at the rear of the park. We loved the beautiful cypress trees and the many cypress knees in that pond.

Cypress pond in this campground

Here are some specifics about this park:
  • Sites have water, electrical and sewer connections. Our site had 20 and 30 amp electrical service. Our neighbor's site had 20 and 50 amp service. You need to let the park's staff know your camper's electrical needs when you check in.
  • Our site had a TV cable connection. It provided marginal service when we first arrived. After a few hours, a campground worker dropped by and asked if we were having trouble with the cable-TV signal. I guess we were not the only campers having that issue. He returned after about 20 minutes and said that he found the trouble and our cable-TV feed should be working. He was correct and we had solid cable-TV service while in this park.
  • We were able to watch ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS and NBC from either the cable-TV service or from Rosie's TV antenna. We also saw Antenna-TV, CW, ME-TV and THiS on the digital channels found over-the-air while in this park.
  • The park has Wi-Fi service. Unlike most parks we visit, this park had really good Wi-Fi service. We had no trouble getting online and completing normal online things. We didn't try to watch online videos through the park's Wi-Fi service because we didn't want to use more than our fair share of the bandwidth.
  • AT&T provided strong 4G service for both voice and data.
  • The park has very nice restrooms and showers. You have to get used to the bathouse lights being on timers. The lights clicked off twice while I was in the restroom. I reset the timer once while exiting and heard someone yell "thank you" from the showers. I imagine that it can get very dark back in the shower area if the timer unexpectedly clicks the lights off.
  • There is a large and nice laundry room at this park.
  • There is a good clubhouse at this park. Our Wally Byam Cajun Country Caravan was able to use this clubhouse for several events.
  • There is a camp store that has some of the necessities you may need while camping.
  • There are several park workers who seem to drive through the park in their golf carts during the day. They seem to be proactive in that they will stop to help if it appears that you are having some issues while in the park.
Overall, this is a nice park. While it has some "parking lot" tendencies and it may fall a little short of some of Florida's famous resorts, it is a good place to spend a few days while exploring the Lafayette area of Louisiana and it is a cut above most of the commercial campgrounds we have visited.

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