Friday, September 30, 2016

General Butler State Resort Park Campground - Carrollton, Kentucky

Our travel goal was to make it past Cincinnati then park for the evening. It was close to sunset as we turned east at Louisville and I had my doubts about making it that far.

We needed a backup plan, so a quick check of the AllStays app found the General Butler State Resort Park Campground. It was a few miles ahead of us and close to the Interstate highway.

We called to see if there was room for Rosie, our 25 foot Airstream trailer. The person who answered was physically located at the park, but didn't seem to know much about the campground. Maybe their employees spend more time learning about the cabins and the miniature golf course than the campground. Her best guess was that we could squeeze in for the night, but we could not park in any site that had a reserved sign.

It was sunset when we arrived and it appeared that every site was reserved. This was frustrating because why would they let us in the campground if all of the sites were reserved? That was when we got out of the truck and actually read one of the "Reserved" signs. Yes, it was reserved but not for that night. It was reserved for the weekend and we were there in the middle of the week. We found a decent site and decided this would be our home for the evening.

We did a minimal setup of Rosie. It was dark and started to rain. We connected power and water but didn't unhitch from the truck. That would help us quickly get back on the road the next morning.

We didn't see much of the park. We had had a long day of traveling and were very tired as we backed into our site. We woke up before sunrise the next morning and left to see if we could beat morning rush traffic through Cincinnati. Well, that didn't work out as it took more than 90 minutes to crawl through their rush hour.

Here are some specifics about General Butler State Resort Campground:
  • Our site had 20, 30 and 50 amp electrical service.
  • Our site had a water connection. The connection point wasn't near our site and I ended up using 75 feet of hose to reach it.
  • Our site did not have have a sewer connection.
  • We found one dump station in the park.
  • Our site was paved and level.
  • The restroom near our site was old but clean.
  • AT&T placed a weak 4G data and voice signal over our site.
  • Rosie's TV antenna could not pick up any signals. I thought we would easily see either Louisville or Cincinnati stations. Our site may have been in the one spot in the campground that TV signals could not reach.
  • We could not find the dumpster. I'm sure they had one, but it wasn't in sight. We ended up throwing our modest amount of trash in the trash can next to the dump station.
  • This is a pet friendly park.
We saw a fawn resting by the side of the road as we were leaving the next morning. That was a sight we wished we had captured in a photo. Speaking of photos, this is one of the few parks we didn't snap a single picture while we were there. I'm sure there are many things in the park that are very picturesque, but it was dark the entire time we were there.