Monday, November 28, 2011

Answering the Lingering Questions

Any questions we may have had about towing were answered during our first outing with the Airstream.

Question One: Can a V-6 actually pull three tons of trailer?
Absolutely! Our first trip was through some of the biggest hills in Alabama. The Ecoboost V-6 had no problems with the hills and pulled the trailer without hesitation. If we had any doubts, they were quickly dispelled once we hit the road.

Some of the classic ads for Airstreams show the RV being pulled by a bicycle. While there was lots of “artistic license” in creating that impossible graphic, a Ford F-150 with the Ecoboost V-6 has plenty of power and can pull our Airstream.

Hitched and ready to go

Question Two: Can we back the trailer into a camping site?
Yes! What may not be as surprising is that Becca is the tow master when it comes to backing up the Airstream. She can thread the needle and place the trailer exactly where it needs to be located. On the other hand, I normally can get it in the right county.

Question Three: Can we survive living in a 25 x 8 foot space?
No problem. Keep in mind that we are used to camping in a tent. Even our dog recognizes the extra space and convenience found in the Airstream.

During my early teen years, my parents had a 16-foot travel trailer and I vividly remember being battered by the wind when a big truck passed us coming from the opposite direction. Our first trip was over some two-lane country roads in Alabama and we braced ourselves for the blast when we first noticed that a large-box semi was heading our way.

We quickly learned why people say Airstreams are great on the road because we did not feel the drag when passed by a big-rig truck. The Airstream’s aerodynamic shape really helps you when traveling.

We picked up the trailer on Saturday and we both had to be at work on Monday so our first camping adventure would be only one night long.

We will talk about our first camping adventure in the next posting.

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