Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blue Springs State Park - Alabama

Blue Springs State Park is approximately 40 miles southeast of Troy, Ala. This is a park that some say was very popular in the 1960s because of its natural springs and "beach" features.

We camped at this park in November 2011, and I am sure this park is very crowded during the summer. We found only a few brave campers in the park at that time of year.

Cozy Rosie at Blue Springs State Park in Alabama

Most of the camp sites appeared to be level and we were able to watch TV from the Dothan market using our TV antenna.  The park materials said that WiFi was available, but it may have been turned off because the park was mostly empty. We were not very successful in finding a reliable location to receive service on our iPhones from AT&T.

This did appear to be a friendly state park in the middle of the woods. There were some good bike paths, a small playground for the children and--the main attraction--the spring.

The natural spring at Blue Spring State Park in Alabama

Part of my family's heritage is that my father owned a water company in the 1940s. During WWII, Dad provided distilled water to the US Navy for submarine batteries. I bring that up to let you know that natural springs hold a place of importance in our family.

The natural spring at Blue Springs State Park pumps 3,600 gallons per minute of 68 degree crystal clear water around the clock. I can see why people enjoy going to this park during the hot summers to cool off. 

While this may not be one of the top tier state parks in Alabama, the grounds are well kept and the staff is helpful and friendly.

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