Monday, August 22, 2016

Eagle's Nest Campground - Glen Jean, West Virginia

Our Region Three Caravan needed a place to dry out after our weather-forced evacuation from the flooded New River Campground and our night in a Lowes store parking lot. Our caravan leader found the Eagle's Nest Campground, which was located about 10 miles south of the Lowe's store where we parked for the previous night.

Eagle's Nest Campground

The description of the park said it was on a hill out of the flood zones and it was dry. That was music to our ears.

Several members of our group walked across the Lowes parking lot to the Bob Evans Restaurant for breakfast before heading to the campground.

The short trip to the campground was uneventful. The road was intact, we didn't see any raging or rising water and there was only a light rain shower.

Things didn't look as good when we arrived at the campground. The remaining sites all had some form of standing water at the back of the site. Rosie's door (Rosie is our 25 foot Airstream trailer) is at the rear of the trailer and that meant we would always be stepping out into a puddle. We tried several potential sites and none worked. That was when the park's manager stepped up and asked another camper to move her car from a site we didn't know was open. This put us into a campsite that would work with our rear door.

Rosie between two other campers

The campground is across the street from a West Virginia National Guard Armory. The Guard was activated by the Governor to deal with the flooding disaster in the state. It was interesting to watch the soldiers report in and leave to help with the flood relief.

The manager said that our caravan was the largest group he had ever seen in his campground. We easily filled two-thirds of the campground's spaces. Everyone was opening the awnings and the backs of their trucks to start the drying out process.

Our WBCCI Region Three Caravan group in the campground

We found a number of our group later in town at the laundromat. Too many of our clothes were wet and dirty from our hasty exit from the New River Campground a day earlier and the laundromat was a welcome sight.

There isn't much to say about the park. We needed a place to rest and decompress from our escape and this park gave us that opportunity.

Here are some specifics about this park:
  • Our site had 20, 30 and 50 amp electrical service
  • Our site had both water and sewer connections
  • Our site was paved with gravel and we had to use an extraordinary amount of leveling tools to bring Rosie into a tolerable left-to-right lean. We are under the impression that a patch of level land in West Virginia is rare.
  • We were able to watch ABC, CBS, Fox and ION TV signals from Rosie's antenna
  • AT&T placed a strong 4G signal for both voice and data over the park
  • The park had both showers and restrooms, but you had to walk a long way to find them. The manager said the bathhouse was in the tent area about 500 feet up a dirt road from the RV campground. They were in working order and clean.
  • Speaking of the "tent" area, we did see several deer in that area of the park
We stayed in this park for two days while waiting for our turn to enter the WBCCI International Rally in Lewisburg. During this time, the park's manager was frequently seen working in the park and making sure our group was well taken care of. His extra effort was greatly appreciated by our caravan.

The restrooms and showers were in the tent area of the park

We spotted some deer in this park

More of the tent area of the park

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