Sunday, August 28, 2016

Levi Jackson Wilderness State Park - Kentucky (2016)

We were heading south and needed a park for a night or two. There were some Army Corp of Engineer parks that looked good on the AllStays app, but it was a weekend and those parks were small. The probability of us getting a campsite in those parks was slim.

We found a Kentucky State Park while using our AllStays app that had more than 130 sites and called for a reservation. We were glad we called because we booked one of the last few remaining sites. Whew! We were glad we had somewhere to park Rosie, our 25 foot Airstream trailer.

Welcome to Kentucky

The park's name sounded familiar and a quick check of our Cozy Rosie blog confirmed that we camped in the Levi Jackson State Park in 2015. I guess this park is conveniently located for our trips through Kentucky.

What we wrote about in 2015 seemed valid when we arrived for this visit. We noticed that this is a very family-oriented park. The streets were full of children riding their bikes and skateboards. Another group of kids were on the basketball court shooting hoops. It appeared to us that the park was full of regional campers who frequently spent their weekends there.

There were an amazing number of activities scheduled at this park for all age groups. Park workers had multiple craft times and sporting events planned for the children.

The park was full over the weekend. We enjoyed watching people having fun at the Tree-Top Adventure in the park. In fact, we ended up watching park workers rescue an overweight person who ended up stuck on a zip line between two trees.

Tree-Top Adventure

Someone enjoying the Tree-Top Adventure

There is a "wilderness life" museum in the park. There is an additional charge to tour it. We skipped the museum because of the "no photographs anywhere on the museum's grounds" rule and not because of the cost to get in.

Another popular spot in the park was the gristmill. While it wasn't open, the exterior was fun to photograph.

The Grist Mill

Selfie by the Grist Mill

We asked while checking in if anything special was going on that weekend. The office staff said a car show and fish fry was scheduled near the swimming pool on Saturday. It was fun seeing the classic cars and we enjoyed the fish fry.

The car show

The car show

The fish fry was very good

A couple things we noticed about the campground were the lights and smoke. I don't think we have ever been in a park with more streetlights on at night. The park was very lit up at night, to the point that you wanted to add additional window shades to block some of the light.

Smoke was another issue. It seemed as if a rookie campfire builders' convention was going on because everyone had a fire that produced more smoke than flame. Anyone suffering from a respiratory ailment would have suffered while camping over the weekend.

You can see the smoke while looking out Rosie's window

Things changed Sunday afternoon when a large number of families pulled out, probably to get ready for the coming work week. The park wasn't as crowded and the number of children playing in the park was much less than over the weekend. Strangely, the level of smoky fires around us continued at an annoying level.

Here are some specifics about this park:
  • Our site had 20, 30 and 50 amp electrical service.
  • Our site had water and sewer connections.
  • We could pick up a PBS and an Independent station that mostly aired infomercials using Rosie's TV antenna.
  • AT&T placed only one-to-two bars of service over the park. It was very difficult to maintain data service while camping here.
  • There was Wi-Fi service in the park available for a premium fee.
  • This was a pet-friendly park.
  • There were several restrooms and showers in this park. The one we tried to check on was locked.

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