Thursday, August 25, 2016

Titusville, PA - Visiting Family

This is a posting that will make no sense to anyone beyond our immediate family. It is here to provide an accurate record of where we have camped in Rosie, our 25 foot Airstream trailer.

We planned to visit Becky's sister in Pennsylvania after the WBCCI International Rally in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Our early exit from the Rally gave us an opportunity to head north and spend a few more days at their family cabin in the woods.

Road heading to the family cabin

Rosie in the woods

We enjoyed our time visiting Becky's sister and her husband back in the woods of Pennsylvania. We did see a doe and her two fawns behind Rosie one morning and we saw a groundhog.

Deer behind Rosie

Groundhog behind Rosie

We drove through Amish country and enjoyed seeing them use their horse and buggies.

Buggies parked for the night

The children out for a spin

We shared a family nostalgic moment when we bought a desert for the evening meal. Becky's Mom was partial to a specific type of cake. That's what we shared at dinner one evening and Becky's sister understood the connection the moment she saw what we bought.

It was time to move on after several days. We hooked up Rosie, hugged everyone and left heading for our next adventure.

Rosie parked at Becky's sister's cabin

The cabin

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