Friday, August 4, 2017

Renfro Valley RV Park - Mt Vernon, Kentucky (May 2017)

Renfro Valley was known as a venue for country music performers that predates the Grand Ole Opry. The area continues to have occasional music shows, but not at the caliber of its Nashville upstart.
Adjacent to the music venue is the Renfro Valley RV Park. It has more than 100 campsites, but not all of these sites appear to be functional.

Parking in Renfro Valley

Spaces are on the "tight" side!

Airstream trailers parked in the Renfro Valley RV Park

Many of the sites around us appeared to be for trailers around Rosie's size. Rosie is our 25 foot Airstream trailer. While we saw some larger trailers in the park, they were tight fits.

To be fair, there were two "branches" of this park with separate entrances from the road. The larger rigs were in the other campground, which had only 50 amp power connectors. The area we parked Rosie in had smaller sites and 30 amp hookups.

We figured that our site had a "weak" 30 amp circuit breaker because it tripped a time or two when we felt our power load wasn't in the "close to 30 amps" range. This appeared to be a common problem as several campers mentioned that they were surprised that they tripped their site's circuit breaker.

We were given a paper tag with our registration information when we checked in and we were told to tape it to the window next to Rosie's door. We noticed that campground staff members went around the park several times each day checking the window stickers. I guess "stealth" camping is a problem in this campground.

Here is some specific information about this park:
  • Our site was gravel and we had to use our leveling tools.
  • There were a couple of camping loops in our campground area. We camped in the first loop along a small stream.
  • Our site had only 30 amp electrical service. We wondered if we really had a 25 amp breaker instead of 30 because of how easily it tripped.
  • Our site had water and sewer connections.
  • The park had a dump station. It didn't appear to be used nor maintained.
  • The bathhouse was clean and maintained.
  • The park offered WiFi that was usable.
  • AT&T provided good 4G voice and data signals over the park.
  • The park provided cable TV hookups. That was good since we could only see one station using Rosie's antenna.
  • This was a pet-friendly park.
There were very few shade trees in this park and it was very dusty.

One of the issues with short campsites surfaced as we were getting ready to leave. It was impossible to hook Rosie to our truck without the truck blocking part of the road. That problem was compounded by neighbors also hooking up to leave. In other words, you need to be patient when you plan to leave because your neighbors may have a longer hookup procedure than you and block the exit road until they leave.

Shaker Village near Renfro Valley

The Shakers Village

Shakers Village

In the "meeting house" at the Shakers Village

Steve was able to visit his sister, who was in Wilmore, Ky

Spending some time with the people on our WBCCI Caravan

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